I’m John Cornell, a Software Developer residing in the beautiful Blue Mountains region of New South Wales.

I’ve been a passionate programmer since I was around 10, when a friend in introduced me to his TRS-80, more years ago than I care to admit.

After leaving school and pursuing a career as an audio engineer, in radio, television and at EMI, I eventually realised it was nowhere near as fun as I thought it would be, and bummed around Europe for a year or so, before going back to University and changing career.

I’ve now had nearly 20 fantastic years in the IT sector, working in many areas, such as Data Warehousing, Metadata Management, Business Intelligence, ITIL Consultancy and Software Development, and in many varied industries, including Banking, Trading, Health, Publishing, Warehousing, Air and Road Transport and the Public Sector.

My most rewarding role, however, is being a dad.

When I’m not working or commuting or wishing the day had more hours, I enjoy bush walking, brewing beer, virtual reality and pretending I can play soccer.

I also intensely dislike writing biographies.